What We’ve Been Learning – Summer Week 2

This week we have been thinking about the new things we have learnt to do as we have grown up.

We have had a visit from some of the siblings from our class and thought about what children can do at different ages.

Following on from our baby visits, we discussed how the children have changed. We have written stories about what we can do now.

We have been thinking about time and looking at how long 1 minute is. We have had a go at some time challenges to see how many times we can jump, hop, skip etc in 1 minute.

We have been enjoying role playing dollies, dressing and washing them in the outside area.

We have thought about personal hygiene and how we keep ourselves clean.

We had an exciting delivery of 12 chicken eggs. We have thought about how we will care for them while they are in the incubator and what we will do when they hatch.