What We’ve Been Learning – Summer Week 8

  • In groups we have made a poster about our islands, we have used headings, sub-headings and photographs to make our posters interesting.
  • In our groups we have practised talking about our island and rehearsed what we want to tell the class.
  • We have made a presentation to the class about our islands.
  • We have revisited work on money and finding different ways to make up an amount, also working out how much change we would receive from buying different items.
  • We have used ‘Unit the Robot’ website to program the robot to move across the screen and also looked at ‘Hour of Code’.
  • We have continued to practise our country dancing to music.
  • We have continued to work on our tennis skills.
  • In handwriting we have learnt the joins ure, uck, use.
  • We have looked at using connectives to help us expand our sentences.
  • We have also made posters on electricity safety.
  • We have continued to use our sewing skills to attach our islands to a hessian background.

At Home:

Search for different connectives, in stories you read at home. For example, and, because, so, if, but.