What We’ve Been Learning – Summer 2 Week 4

We have been learning…  
  • We have continued to learn about poetry, and have started to write our own poems, trying to use the different elements we have learnt about.
  • In maths we have continued to learn about money. We have been buying and selling items. We have had to work out the total for 2 objects, pay and then give the correct change.
  • In ICT, we have been using the Beebot programme on the laptops, looking at how this differs to the actual Beebots.
  • In Art, we have been using clay to make 3D models of sea creatures.
  • In Science, we have been learning about recycling, particularly different plastics and how we can reduce our use of plastic to help the environment.
  • In our grammar sessions we have looked at the –er and –est endings and have practised spelling different words with these endings.
  • At home:

Can I practise paying for items when I’m out shopping and think about what change I should get?

Can I think of ways I can re-use or recycle different plastic objects in the home?

Can I write my own poem about a chosen subject?                                                                              28-6-19