What We’ve Been Learning – Summer 2 Week 5

We have been learning …….

  • We have been learning about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.
  • We have written a fact sheet about Christopher Columbus.
  • We have written a diary entry based on what it would be like to be Christopher Columbus.
  • In maths we have been practising our number bonds of 20 – being able to recall the number bond facts quickly without needing to work them out.
  • In Science, we have been learning about how to care for pets. We realised that pets have very similar needs to humans!
  • In Art, we have painted our clay sea creatures.
  • We have had sports day!
  • In ICT we have used the Beebot program on the computer to control and direct the Beebot.  

At home:

Can I say my number bonds of 20?

Can I share the facts I know about Christopher Columbus with a family member?