What We’ve Been Learning – Reception – Autumn 2 Week 1

  • We have listen to firework sounds and thought of words to describe them (pop, wizz bang). 
  • We used the letter sounds that we have learnt to write firework sound words.
  • We have listened to Handel’s Firework music and danced as fireworks using ribbons.
  • We used Handel’s Firework music to inspire us to make big firework movements with our bodies. We then made marks on large sheets of paper as we listened to the music.
  • We made firework art using paint brushes and brightly coloured paints on to black paper.
  • We continued to segment and blend sounds to make words to label a firefighter.
  • We had a visit from a fire engine and learnt how the firefighters use the different tools to help people. We also got to have a go at squirting the hose!!
  • We have learnt how to find 1 more by calling 999 to send in 1 more emergency vehicle to help us each time with the emergencies we created.

HOME IDEAS: Can you use the letters a,e,i,o,u  to make and read 3 letter (CVC) words like cat, bat, mat, sit, pop.