What We’ve Been Learning – Year 1 – Autumn 2 Week 1

  • We have been learning about how non-fiction books are different to fiction books.
  • We have written captions to match different photos of bears.
  • We have written facts that we know about bears.
  • We have been solving subtraction number sentences using real objects to ‘take away’.
  • We have been writing number sentences e.g. 7 – 4 = 3, starting with the biggest number first.
  • We have discussed the term ‘bullying’ and thought of ways to ensure everyone is happy at school.
  • In Science we have been learning about different materials, such as wood, plastic and their properties.
  • We have been learning our tricky words – they, all, are, her, said

At home:

Can I practise writing subtraction number sentences and use objects to help solve them.

Can I practice writing my tricky words? They, all, are, her, said

Can I look around my house and identify what different objects are made from?