Holiday Activities and Food Programme

WSCC local authorities have asked us to take part in the government HAF program to offer a free holiday activities and food to all eligible Children. Holiday club provision is available for all children eligible for and in receipt of free school meals in their area. This does not mean they are all required to attend as the provision is voluntary.

Each child can be booked in to our activities club through our website parents will need to register first then add child/children in to their account. Once they have complete the registration  they will be able to book the free activities.

After booking we will email the school to confirm that the child/children  are eligible to receive the free activity and food. 

Each Child is eligible to:

4 half days per week, 4 weeks for the summer holidays. Morning session 8am-1pm or Afternoon session 1pm-6pm 

or they can book 2 full days per week 4 weeks on the summer holidays 8am – 6pm

To register and book please find our website link bellow


  1. Quayside Your Centre Southwick Club  Spaces:  Morning 8am-1pm x 30,   Afternoon 1pm – 6pm x 30, 

We Have spaces available from 26th July until 19th August 

Please Note: After booking approval please ignore the confirmation invoice 100% credit will be applied to the booking will be nothing to pay under the HAF program. 

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you require any more information.

Kind Regards

George Asargiotakis

Managing Director 
Southeast Kids Camps
TEL: 01444 461889 / 07876617115