Growth Mindset

Dear Parents          

You will have seen our school improvement priorites on the colourful chart, one of our priorities is to: Enhance the curriculum to ensure that it is relevant and challenging to all learners and provides life skills fit for the 21st Century.

Part of our plan is to support building  children’s resilience. Resillience is the thing that helps us through difficult times in our lives and if we can help the children develop this in their learning life it will strenghthen their ability to cope with future life challenges. As parents we try to protect our children but maybe we don’t always  help them if we don’t allow them to stuggle somethimes. Getting the balance right is very difficult.

We are noticing more and more children feel so frustrated, angry even, when they make mistakes or when things go wrong, and this impacts their self esteem and behaviours.  We want to build their self- belief and understanding that it can be good to fail and learn from mistakes. To try again and perservere rather than give up is a good thing.  It is important for children to recognise that some of the most creative people who have achieved greatly have often started with real struggles.

Developing  growth mind-set within the approach to the curriculum is fundamental to the work we will be doing and we thought it would be useful for you to have an idea of how we will be apporaching this.  You will be aware that we are using challenges in learning where  children choose the level of challenge they  try in maths. We aim to encourage the children to push themselves and try the next level realising that they might make mistakes but that is okay.  The sense that they could fail and learn from that failure is very important but it is very hard for some children to see.

Learning about famous failures may help:       

Very young children have a growth mindset, a baby will learn to walk from getting up and falling down doing it over and over again until they succeed,  preschool children are more ready to make errors and learn but as children grow they can  learn from experience that  there is a right and wrong way. This can become motivating for some whilst others the thought of failure becomes absolutely numbing anf they are not preapared to try for fear of failure.  

There are things you can do at home to promote a growth mindset are being positive about “ having a go” recognise and encourage your child see their mistakes as not getting there yet. We will be using the terminology NOT YET in school to show a leanring journey.

There are lots of useful resources on line for Growth / fixed mindset. If you google  growth mindset all sorts of video links will come up. There are some simple ones that you could look at with your child or if you want more information. Below also are some links.

This is a clear explanation of Growth mindset:

This is  pictorial  explanation of growth mindset:

This is Will.I AM  singing what I am (Seasame street growth mindset)

Grit and determination from cartoon characters:                     

Resilience explanation:                      

I hope that these resources will help you understand what we are trying to achieve over time in school and  hope that you will have a conversation with your child about the concept  having a go and NOT YET.

Thanks in advance,

Ruth Maybury