Newsletter – January 2019

Head’s Message

Happy New Year to you all. As ever we have a busy year ahead of us with many exciting events for children and parents to look forward.

New this term are some projects the PTA have been overseeing – new playground markings, climbing wall and teaching kitchen. These are all brilliant additions to the school and the children love them. Watch out for the PTA Newsletter with further information.

I am sure you are aware that we work in a challenging context for school funding but at Swiss Gardens we have been able to mitigate much of the pressure by prudent financial management and revenue brought in through support of other schools. However standing still is difficult and doing developmental work even more of a challenge. One of the areas which desperately needs resourcing is our IT provision across the school. The reason to mention this is that we will need to work in collaboration with the PTA and the parent/ carer body of the school in order to make the steps forward which will benefit the children at Swiss. In the next couple of months we will bring forward some ideas and costs and let you know how you can get involved in supporting this.

To that end Lindsey Cotterill Hay is running the half marathon in aid of the school’s IT equipment – the PTA are setting up a Just Giving page.

Also a reminder that the dates for Parents’ Forum this term are February 6th – 9am or February 7th– 7pm – all parents/ carers are invited to come along. I have included minutes from the previous meeting to give an idea of the remit of the forum.

Inset Days

The following dates have been declared INSET days for this school year – February 25th, May 24th and June 3rd

Breaktime Snacks

In accordance with our school policy could you please ensure that snacks at break time in Key Stage 2 are healthy – no crisps, chocolate or cakes thank you.

PE Kit

We are considering trialling, in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6), the idea that children wear their PE kit to school on the day(s) they have PE; this means there would be no need to bring kit into school, apart from for after school clubs. On cold days we would ask the children to wear tracksuits or other warm sportswear and in time we would like to offer a school tracksuit to purchase.

Before we go ahead with this we would like to know what you think about this proposal.

Please return any thoughts to – – marked for the attention of Mr Caughlin. Thank you

School Security

As you know the safety of the children at school is paramount. To that end a couple of reminders; the front gate to the school will be closed each morning at 9.00 a.m. and if you need to get in or out you will need to use the intercom system. In order to ensure we meet safeguarding requirements no parent/ carer should be in the top building or any part of the school without going through the front office and signing in. Thank you for your help with these issues.

Please ensure the gate is fully closed behind you both ways. Thank you.


School Uniform

Please talk to the office or teacher if there is a specific reason that your child is not wearing uniform. Birthdays and non-school uniform events for fund raising are the only times children should be wearing their own clothes. Please ensure your child a warm or waterproof coat and is wearing the correct school shoes to ensure their safety.


Please ensure that you are parking safely and legally when parking around school. It is very important to maintain the safety of the children. It is also advisable not to keep engines running as it increases the pollution and can aggravate asthma and other breathing difficulties. We have had a few local residents calling in to express concerns that children and elderly people are having to walk around parked cars and into the road.

Safety Around School

When collecting older children please ensure that you do not allow younger siblings to scoot around the playground, use equipment or climb the walled gardens, this is potentially very dangerous and we do not want any unnecessary accidents.


Please do not send your child to school with medications in their bags, any medications must be given to their teacher or teaching assistant or to the office to ensure they are kept safe and secure.

Telephoning In The Afternoon

We cannot guarantee messages taken after 2pm will be given to the teachers on the same day (except, of course in emergencies) Please try to ensure you call us before this time if there are late changes to collection arrangements.

Morning Routine

Main doors to classrooms open at 8.45am and register is taken at 9.00am prompt for all year groups. Please ensure your child is on time; most days there are morning tasks such as Next Steps for children to complete, and so punctuality is essential.

 Please remember to let us know if your child is absent by 9.30am.

Persistent lateness – we understand that sometimes there are genuine, unavoidable reasons for not being at school on time. However, we are finding that there are increasing amounts of persistent lateness. Just to remind parents/carers that following West Sussex County Council Guidelines the school can issue Fixed Penalty Notices for 10 instances of lateness. The current FPN is £60.00 per parent, per child.

Absence email is

Please note – We are no longer using sickly/studybugs

Please remember that we have serious allergies in school. NUTS should not be being brought into school, this includes sauces such as pesto. Any home made products must be free of nuts and nut derivatives.


Thanks so much for your generous support of the PTA Xmas Fair – we raised in excess of 3000 all of which will be paid straight back into school projects. 


We are pleased to see the children getting so much use out of the new playground painting and play trails and the traverse wall – we are planning lots more for the playground including more lovely planting, seating, quiet areas and more.  


We are also delighted to announce that the children’s kitchen in the top building is now compete and can be used by up to 8 children at a time supervised which will allow much more involvement in learning about and using food.  Watch this space for photos.  

HUGE thanks to Mr Williams, the school facilities manager for allowing us access in the holidays and at weekends over several months and to Mark Lawrence , a year 6 parent who installed the kitchen COMPLETELY  free of charge – what a fabulous donation!!! 

Amazing parent Lindsey Hay will be running the Worthing Half Marathon next month to raise essential funds for IT equipment for the school – what a superstar. 

The just giving page for Lindsey will be going online soon and we will send you the link by email and on FB – please spread the word far and wide and any donation however small (or big) you are able to give would be much so appreciated and of benefit to the children. 

Dates For The Diary

  • The next meeting is on 31st January at 7pm in the Crabtree Inn – Mr Caughlin will be presenting details of the IT project which the PTA would like to help to fund over the coming year so come along to see where funds will be going. We will also have some ideas for the playground and welcome your ideas. 
  • If anyone can’t make the evening and would like us to hold a morning meeting on the 1st Feb please email us on – the last few have been woefully unattended but we are happy to hold them if people will be there.
  • Quiz Night is on 8th February – full details will be sent to everyone by email later this week and a deposit will be required to reserve your table on a first come first served (to the office) basis.  No pre-reservations or emailed so please wait for the email and process. We’re going to offer a pizza delivery option for a small fee and full details will be supplied. 
  • Spring Disco -3rd April 
  • Dress Down Day for PTA – 4th April 
  • Great Swiss Gardens 5K Pancake Flip – 5th March – watch this space for details. 


Please do contact us if you are having any trouble making the voluntary contributions.

Sports News

At the end of last term, a girls’ football team played against at St Nics – it was a great game and Swiss were unlucky to lose, well played girls!

Also, a group of Year 5s and 6s went to the Amex stadium to be involved in a Human Utopia day. The children took part in a range of team-building activities with other schools. The children got to go into the stands and meet Gully the Seagull!  

Congratulations to the Cross Country team for coming 3rd overall at Buckingham Park.

We have lots of exciting events coming up, such as: Cross Country Competitions, Year 3/4 football matches, Year 5 visit to the BHAFC training ground in Lancing and an Inclusion event in Angmering.

Thank you to all of the parents who have helped make so many events possible by organising transport!

Congratulations Corner

We would love to include some contributions from you about what your child has been up to outside of school. If they attend a club or group and have achieved something (e.g. brownie badge, swimming certificate, football trophy etc.) or have done something special or kind, and you would be happy for us to mention them in future newsletters please email the details to with the Heading “Newsletter – congratulations corner”

Lunches Numbers

Because of the way in which we have to submit the numbers to Chartwells (the company who provides our meals) it is essential that, wherever possible, your child keeps to a routine regarding which days they have a hot school lunch. This minimises waste which the school has to pay for. Chartwells requires us to submit our figures two weeks in advance. If your child is eligible for free or Universal school meals but there are days that they always bring a packed lunch, please let us know, as otherwise their meal ends up in the bin. We would really appreciate your help with this matter.

If you currently pay for your child’s meals but think that you might be eligible for some financial assistance, then please come and collect a form, in confidence, from the Office team. We would be happy to help.

Meals need to be paid two weeks in advance, please ensure payment has been made before sending your child for a hot meal. If your child is ill on a day you have already paid for their lunch, then please contact Chartwells.

Term Dates

Spring Term

  • Thursday 3rd January – Friday 5th April
  • Half term Monday 18th February – Friday 22nd February
  • Inset Monday 25th February
  • Easter holidays Monday 8th April – Monday 22nd April

Summer Term

  • Tuesday 23rd April – Tuesday 23rd July
  • Inset Friday 24th May
  • Half term Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May
  • Inset Monday 3rd June

Dates For Year Diary

  • 23rd January – Seagull Class Assembly
  • 28th January – Understanding and Managing Behaviour Course 9.15 -10.45 (further details below)
  • 29th January – Puffin Class Assembly
  • 31st January – Parent consultations
  • 31st January – PTA meeting at Crabtree Inn 7pm
  • 6th February – Kingfisher Class Assembly
  • 8th February – Selected Year 5/6 children to Amex
  • 8th February – PTA Adult Quiz Night
  • 11th February – Year 2 British Wildlife Centre Trip
  • 13th February – Year 4 Booth Museum
  • 13th February – Pelican Class Assembly
  • 13th February – Parent consultations
  • 13th February – NO SWIMMING (year 3)
  • 14th February – Year 5 to Amex Training ground in Lancing
  • 18th – 22nd February – Half Term
  • 25th February – INSET day, school closed to pupils
  • 26th February – Parent consultation
  • 28th February – Year 3 Southdowns Planetarium
  • 5th March – PTA 5k Pancake Flip
  • 7th March – Parent consultations
  • 11th March – Parent consultations