What We’ve Been Learning – Summer Week 2

  • We have read the story of Tortuga, a tortoise that gets washed onto a remote island.
  • We have discuss what Tortuga looks like and her personality.
  • We have looked at the problems Tortuga faced throughout the story and have written descriptive sentences.
  • We have created a character profile on Tortuga the tortoise.
  • We have learnt new spellings – pass, fast, father, part, last, half.
  • We have been looking at a variety of water colour paintings and trying to use watercolours ourselves.
  • We have been practising our running stich.
  • We had a great time watching the Sompting Village Morris Dancers perform music and dances to us on May Day.
  • We have also been practising our handwriting joins oo and op.
  • We have been looking at using different strategies to solve number problems.

At Home:

Practise new spellings – Pass, fast, father, part, last, half. 

Write a list of different superlatives and also write sentences using superlatives.