What We’ve Been Learning – Summer Week 7

  • In groups we have started to research an island.  We have thought about where it is, how big it is, how to get there, food, music and language.
  • We have used the internet to find facts about our islands.
  • We have used the internet to find pictures of our island that we have saved onto a Word and Publisher document.
  • We have revisited work on measuring length, mass and capacity.
  • We have used ‘Hour of Code’ website to program to develop our coding skills.
  • We have continued sewing our islands
  • We have continued to practise our country dancing to music.
  • We have looked at how electricity works and had a go at making our own circuits.
  • In handwriting we have learnt the joins oy, ue.

At Home:

Try to make a list of things that use electricity in your home.

Can you find any more facts about your island?