What We’ve Been Learning – Summer Weeks 3 & 4

  • We have thought about writing our own island story; we have made changes to a story map and orally told it to a friend.
  • We have written our island stories thinking carefully about using exciting language, connectives and time words.
  • We have solving fraction of shape and fraction of number focusing on a variety of different methods.
  • We have also looked at how to find the difference in different problems.
  • We have used ‘Hour of code’ website to program an object to move across the screen.
  • We have visited Mary’s Garden to investigate micro-habitats; we have looked at where different minibeasts live and why they choose to live there.
  • We have continued to practise our country dancing to music.
  • We have continued to sew our islands.
  • In handwriting we have learnt the joins ot, ou, ow.
  • We have been learning our new spellings – behind, mind, friend, even, eye, wild

At Home:

Have a look in the garden or outside for different minibeasts; where do they live? 

Why do they live there?

Look for possessive apostrophes in your reading book.