What We’ve Been Learning – Summer Week 1

Topic & English

  • Can I understand the significance of the Staffordshire Hoard?

After watching a video of Terry Herbert’s discovery of the Anglo-Saxon Hoard in Lichfield, Staffordshire, the children will discuss primary and secondary evidence. Along with the significance of the only Anglo-Saxon Hoard in the world.


  • Can I order decimals?
  • Can I understand the significance of each place holder in a decimal?

Children will be matching up decimals to place holders. Children will be learning to partition decimals and linking fractions to decimals and percentages.


  • Can I understand the fundamentals of life cycles?

After focusing on healthy relationships in the Great Project, children will be introduced to other life cycles – beginning with plants, then animals and moving onto humans in a few weeks.


  • Can I understand what makes a healthy relationship?

We will be looking at what makes a healthy relationship and pinpoint the signs of an abusive relationship through various activities.


  • Can I improve my catching, throwing and fielding skills?

In PE, we will be practicing our throwing and catching skills. We will be building up to playing a small sided game of rounders.


  • Can I create a 3D animation?

Children to will design their own 3D Viking long house on paper to create a 3D animated version on the computers.


  • Can I design an aesthetically pleasing illuminated letter for my front cover in the style of the Anglo-Saxons?

Children will look at examples of Anglo-Saxon illuminated writing, which was written in the early Christian monasteries. Children will design their own initial using their own illuminated writing and Anglo-Saxon motifs.

Guided Reading

  • Can I discuss and analyse the key features of an introduction, including what devices the author knows to hook the reader in?

Children will begin reading a new book and analyse what makes an engaging introduction to a narrative. Children will compare and contrast different devices used by the author.