What We’ve Been Learning – Summer Week 3


  • Can I learn about Viking longhouses?
  • Can I learn about Anglo Saxon daily life?

Children will complete activities about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons and their daily life. Children will compare and contrast their own lives in 2018 to the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.


  • Can I write descriptively?

Children will begin the week by focusing on descriptive language about the way Grendel moves. Then, we will describe the appearance of Grendel using our senses. After that, we will move onto describing the moors and lairs and Grendel creeping up towards Heorot.


  • Can I add and subtract decimals with different numbers of decimal places?
  • Can I find complements to 1 whole?
  • Can I add and subtract decimals which are greater than 1?

This week in Maths, we are learning about decimals and the four operations. We will be learning about how to solve missing number problems and learning about what needs to be added to a number to make a whole. 


  • Can I learn about the life cycle of a frog?

Children will watch a video explaining the life cycle of a frog. Children will draw pictures and explain the stages of the lifecycle.


  • Can I learn about positive relationships?

Children will continue to participate in the Great Project and learn about the benefits of having positive, happy, healthy relationships with others.


  • Can I learn a country dance routine?
  • Can I practice striking and fielding in PE?

Children will continue to improve their skills in striking and fielding games. Children will understand that there are four parts to a warm up activity.


  • Can I code a 3D animation?

Children will continue to make their own 3D animation of a Viking village.


  • Can I write illuminated lettering?

During Art this week, we will focus on illuminated lettering and making our work look aesthetically pleasing – children to understand that keeping patterns simple can also be affective.

Guided Reading

  • Can I understand what I am reading by checking the book makes sense and finding the meaning of new words?

Children will continue to read their summer term book and focus on the questions working towards end of Year 5 expectations.


  • Can I learn about sports?

Children are going to describe using simple words which sports they play and like.