What We’ve Been Learning – Summer Weeks 9 & 10

We have been learning …..

  • We enjoyed showing our country dancing to our mums and dads at the summer dance festival.
  • We had a fantastic day on the Isle of Wight.  We went rock pooling at Bembridge beach and then built sandcastles on Ryde’s sandy beach.  We loved going on the ferry and went outside to look at Portsmouth harbour.
  • We wrote a detailed recount of our day and thought about our favourite part.
  • We have looked at the relationship between repeated addition and multiplication and used different strategies to solve problems.
  • We have looked at electrical circuits and tested to see which materials conduct electricity and which materials do not.
  • We have designed a lighthouse using junk boxes and added an electrical circuit, we will begin building them soon.
  • We have practised different activities for our Sports Day.
  • We have revisited how to use contractions in sentences, e.g. I don’t like eating spinach!

At home:

Try writing some sentences using contractions.