What We’ve Been Learning – Year 3 – Autumn Weeks 3 & 4

  • We read the story Pirate School and wrote different diary entries, one describing how much we hated Pirate School and one at the end from our desert island.
  • We looked at adding the suffix –y and –ly to words.
  • We practised adding 10 more/less and 100 more/less to any 2 and 3 digit number. E.g. 100 more than 237.
  • We tried to make the highest 3 and 4 digit number possible when rolling a dice and have thought carefully in which column to place each number we roll.
  • We practised using written methods to add 2 and 3 digit numbers. E.g. 27 + 19 =, 145 + 47+, 367 + 129 =
  • We practised our TT Rockstars each day looking at the 10 times table.
  • We have started a science unit investigating magnets and thought about if all magnets are the same strength and which materials can a magnetic force pass through.
  • We have started a unit of work on self-portraits, creating self-portraits using different media such as oil pastel, watercolours and the Splosh program on the computer.
  • We talked about democracy and how the voting system works in readiness for voting for our new school councillors.
  • We practised the joins –on, -at, -ack, -ew, -ey, -ie.
  • We had a Spelling Quiz on the old spellings – fall, talk, walking, altogether, certain, ice, face and circus.
  • We looked at the new spellings – early, group, often, different, fruit and centre.

At home:

Practise new spellings – early, group, often, different, fruit, centre.

Have a go at writing a diary of your own for one week.