What We’ve Been Learning – Year 1 – Autumn Term Week 6

  • We have been recording our new bear hunt story scenes using the iPads to help us to remember our sentences and support us with our story writing next week.
  • We have been using objects to help us solve addition number sentences.
  • We have been practicing writing number sentences using the + and = signs.
  • We have been thinking about the four different seasons and we drew what we thought the seasons would look like.
  • We have practiced writing the letters j, v, w, x, z.
  • We have learnt the tricky words: he, me, be, we, she.
  • We have been doing printing with sponges and straws to make grass and have been scrunching and sticking tissue paper to make a sun.
  • We have been learning that it is okay to make mistakes when learning and to not know everything. We know that if we make mistakes we learn from them and if we are unsure about how to do something then we can learn how to do it.

At home:

Can I use objects or drawings to solve addition problems?

Can I write my own bear hunt story, remembering capital letters, finger spaces and full stops?

Can I use my tricky words in a sentence?