What We’ve Been Learning – Year 2 – Autumn Week 7

  • We have continued to create our own medieval dances to perform at our forthcoming banquet.
  • We have made a glossary for our castle booklets.
  • We have continued to learn to use empty number lines to help us add numbers together.
  • We have added a photo from Google images to our Word document about castles.
  • We have finished our castle collages by using felt tips, card and straws to add detail.
  • We have been practising our Harvest song for next week’s Harvest Assembly.
  • We have made science books about materials to show what we have learnt about the suitability of different materials.
  • We have practised our handwriting of the joins – am, um.

At home:

  • Look at materials around the home, how many can you spot?
  • When reading, look out for interesting verbs – can you use them in your own writing?