What We’ve Been Learning – Year 2 – Autumn Week 8

  • We have made a contents page for our castle booklets and completed them by designing our own front covers.
  • We have been learning about subtraction and have used 100 squares and drawings of diennes (10s and 1s sticks) to help us solve subtraction number sentences.
  • We have finished our castle collages by using felt tips, fabric and straws to add detail.
  • We have performed in our Harvest Assembly alongside our Year 5 buddy class.
  • We had a visit from the author Sophy Henn and learnt about some of her books.
  • We have learnt the spellings  – would, could, should, pass, grass
  • In handwriting we have practised the joins – an, en, in.

At home:

  • Over the holidays make a helmet or head dress to wear at the medieval banquet on 14th November.
  • Practise reading and writing the focus spellings.
  • Solve your own number subtraction number sentences using a 100 square or diennes.