What We’ve Been Learning – Year 2 – Autumn Week 10

  • We have made puppets to retell the story of the Ugly Duckling – as part of our new ‘traditional tales’ topic.
  • We have explored ‘tradtional tales’ in DT and selected a fictional character we want to design and make a bag for. We have had to discuss what kind of bag they might need and consider what they would use it for!
  • We have been learning about subtraction and have used number lines to help us solve subtraction number sentences.
  • We have practised counting to 20 in French and taken turns to find the next number after selecting initial numbers at random.
  • We have learned about Diwali (festival of light) as part of our studies into Hinduism and made our own diva lamps out of clay.
  • In handwriting we have practised the joins – ap, ip, op.

At home:

  • If not already done during half-term break, make a helmet or headdress to wear at the medieval banquet on 14th November.
  • Practise reading and updating reading records.
  • Solve your own number subtraction number sentences using a number line.