What We’ve Been Learning – Year 3 – Autumn Week 9

  • We have looked at how paragraphs are used in writing and practised splitting our work into clear paragraphs.
  • We looked at the suffix –ed to show the past tense.
  • In maths we have looked at word problems and used the RUCSAC (Read, Understand, Choose operation, Solve, Answer, Check) method to solve the problems.
  • We practised our TT Rockstars each day looking at the 5 times table.
  • We have completed our investigation on magnets by finishing our magnetic games and tested them to see if they worked.
  • We have used a blunt pencil to score a self-portrait onto a polystyrene tile to make a printing block and then printed our faces onto paper.
  • We practised the joins – amp, -and, -ang
  • We had a Spelling Quiz on the old spellings – bicycle, consider, history, important, potatoes, thought
  • We looked at the new spellings – putting, clapping, stopping, beginning, riding, making, smiling and shining

At home:

Practise the new spellings.

Remember to try to read at least 4 times at home each week.

Keep playing on TT Rockstars.