What We’ve Been Learning – Reception – Autumn 2 Week 2

  • We have continued our emergency 999 topic by learning about paramedics and nurses.
  • We had a visit from a paramedic who told us about their job and showed us some of the equipment they use to help people.
  • We have created our own first aid kits and had a go at labelling our kit (plasters, bandage, gloves) using our sound cards.
  • In Maths we have been learning one more and used emergency vehicles to role play calling for one more vehicle to assist with an emergency.
  • In Write Dance we have thought about curved lines to create volcano patterns.
  • We have used our sense of smell to detect the food objects in smelly pots.
  • We have reinforced our one less learning by singing songs and playing games.
  • In PE we continued to develop our firework dances using the ribbons to help us create patterns and shapes.


Can I have a look through my sound book and practise the sounds we have already learnt, singing the songs and doing the actions?

Can I sing one less/more songs and rhymes?