What We’ve Been Learning – Year 3 – Autumn Week 10

  • We have researched some other famous pirates such as Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Henry Morgan.
  • We have looked at the different spelling patterns for the suffix –ed to show the past tense.
  • We have revisited sister sums for the 3, 4 and 8 times table.  E.g. 3×8=24, 8×3=24, 24÷3=8, 24÷8=3
  • We have looked at pictures of Blackbeard and used drawing pencils to sketch and shade a portrait of him.
  • We have thought about working as a team and how to be successful by working co-operatively.
  • We practised the joins – ank, -ant, -any
  • We had a Spelling Quiz on the old spellings – putting, clapping, stopping, beginning, riding, making, smiling and shining
  • We looked at the new spellings – arrive, build, decide, famous, island, special

At home:

Practise the new spellings.

Remember to try to read at least 4 times at home each week.

Keep playing on TT Rockstars.