What We’ve Been Learning – Year 1 – Autumn 2 Week 2

  • We have continuing to learn about subtraction, using a number line to ‘dig back’ to take away.
  • We have learnt the tricky words – come, were, there, little, one
  • We have been learning about invitations and thinking about the key features of an invitation.
  • We have written a list of all the things we might need to bring with us to a teddy bears picnic.
  • We voted for our favourite sandwich filling in class. The top 2 are the ones we are making next week! We used this information to make a pictogram.
  • We have used Google to search for pictures during our ICT lesson.
  • We have been finding different objects in the classroom and deciding what materials the objects are made from and what uses they could have.
  • We have been thinking about how we can learn from our mistakes and not worry about them.

At home:

Can I use google to search for a picture?

Can I practise subtracting numbers?

Can I write the tricky words in sentences?