What We’ve Been Learning – Year 2 – Autumn Week 11

We have had lots of fun preparing for our Medieval Banquet!

  • We have followed instructions to make our own bread and then tried writing our own instructions.
  • We have written invitations to our Medieval Banquet, thinking about what the features of an invitation are.
  • We have designed posters to advertise our Medieval Banquet and have tried to use persuasive language.
  • We have looked at 2D shapes and repeating patterns and used these ideas to design a placemat for our banquet.
  • We have looked at reflective symmetry in 2D shapes and completed our placemats with a design that we could reflect.
  • We have designed outfits that would be worn by different people in medieval times.

Finally we got dressed up for our banquet and put on our take home task of a helmet or head dress. We chose a lord and lady and a group of important knights and ladies-in-waiting to sit at the top table during our banquet.

We had lots of fun eating and dancing!