What We’ve Been Learning – Year 3 – Autumn Week 11

  • We have chosen one of the famous pirates we researched last week to write a fact file about.
  • We have looked at how to use possessive apostrophes and wrote sentences that used them. E.g. Sarah’s coat was red and fluffy.
  • We have started looking at multiplying larger numbers using arrays and the grid method. E.g. 13×4=

                                  40 + 12 = 52

  • We have started a unit on computing; giving instructions to a programmable toy car to move in different pathways.
  • We practised the joins -ape, -ard, -ark
  • We had a Spelling Quiz on the old spellings – arrive, build, decide, famous, island, special
  • We looked at the new spellings – jacket, giant, magic, large, charge, badge, bridge, ledge

At home:

Practise the new spellings.

Remember to try to read at least 4 times at home each week.

Keep playing on TT Rockstars.