What We’ve Been Learning – Year 1 – Spring Week 3

Please see below what Year 1 have been learning

  • We have been writing about our favourite scenes in ‘The Naughty Bus’, explaining why we like them.
  • We have looked at some calligrams from the story and created our own.
  • In DT we have been looking at ‘lift the flap’ books and have started to create our own lift the flap pictures.
  • We have continued to learn how to count to 10 in French.
  • We have used the program ‘2 create a superstory’ to make an image of a bus and program it to move around the page.
  • We have been learning about measuring length and height. We now know that we can measure length and height using centimetres.

At home:

Can I retell the Naughty Bus story to an adult at home? Can I tell them my favourite part and why?

Can I explain what happens to some of the words on the page (where the author makes the word look like the word)? What is this called? (calligram)

Can I use a ruler to measure objects around the house?