What We’ve Been Learning – Year 1 – Spring Week 7

Please see below what Year have been learning this week

  • We have written facts that we know about different vehicles.
  • We have been thinking about important non-fiction features (headings, subheadings, labels, captions).
  • We have drawn a picture to match a caption and we have written a caption to match a picture.
  • We have been using a map of the school grounds to plan the possible route that the Naughty Bus took to get to the gym.
  • We have been learning about goals that we can achieve and how to achieve them.
  • We have been solving multiplication problems using objects, drawings and arrays.

At home:

Can I solve some multiplication problems?

Can I write some facts about vehicles? Remember full stops, capital letters and finger spaces.

Can I practise reading and writing the year 1 tricky words?