Our Policy On Charging & Remissions

The governing body has agreed a policy on charging for school activities which states:

  • Parents may be asked for voluntary contributions for ingredients and materials.
  • The Headteacher is permitted to ask for voluntary contributions to cover the sot of certain trips and events planned in school time. Such activities may only go ahead if sufficient contributions are received.
  • The school may from time to time, seek voluntary contributions for the benefit of the school to further support your child’s education. However, it is stressed that these contributions are entirely voluntary and no child will be treated differently whether their parents wish to contribute to school funds or not.
  • If there is a case of family hardship and parents may not be able to contribute to school trips or events which could only go if sufficient funds were available, parents are invited to apply, in strict confidence, to the governing body for remission of charges in part or in full. This authorisation will be made by the Headteacher in consultation with the Chair of Governors.

Please click on the document below to see the full Charging and Remissions Policy