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In Early Years at Swiss Gardens we aim to provide a broad and creative curriculum that offers children a range of opportunities, widening their experiences providing many ways to try new things, encouraging them to relish new challenges. We set high expectations enabling all children to develop perseverance and self-belief. The EYFS team plan exciting and engaging activities that will move the children’s learning forward. Pupils learn through a balance of child initiated and adult led activities with extended opportunities to access the indoor and outdoor classroom.

Our belief is that children best learn when they are happy, safe and secure and where their learning builds on their pre-school experience, is reflective of the community they live in but allows them to see the world outside.

Our approach is cross curricular and topic based, with a core text as a starting point to enthuse and motivate our children and help develop a love of stories, reading and learning.  We use our wider school environment and our locality and we welcome visiting experts to enhance learning when at all possible.

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At Swiss Gardens we recognise that Early Years is the starting point and the exploration, independence and confidence that starts in reception class is the foundation for children's future success.  

It is nice to see how the curriculum for early years feeds into your child's future learning. Please see the document below to show how the areas of the curriculum further up the school start in EYFS!

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