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Swiss Gardens Primary School

Mathematics at Swiss Gardens

At Swiss Gardens, we believe maths is more than than just learning key skills and practising these in class – using and applying their knowledge is at the heart of our curriculum. Children are given the opportunity to work like a mathematician and make good progress during their time with us. Mathematics is an essential part of everyday life and as such it is essential we strive to enthuse and motivate our children to develop a love of the subject. We make maths fun and teach it in many practical ways, that allow the children to develop the number and problem solving skills that they can apply with confidence and independence within ‘real life’ situations.

Maths in the Real World

We  explore how maths is used in everyday life. Here are some of our examples of how children apply what they learn in maths.

Recipes because it's important to measure the ingredients properly. 

Clock because it is using the 5 times table. 

An apple: I would use a apple for dividing because I can cut It up and share It with my family. I can cut It into halves then into quarters. 

Resources to support Maths learning

There are many websites that you can use to support your childs mathematics learning at hiome.







Extra Curricular Opportunities

 Maths Challenge – Christ’s Hospital

On Wednesday 23rd March, four mathematicians from Year 5 went off to Christ’s Hospital to complete in a mathematics competition. We were spilt into two teams – Cormorant: Alexander, and Ollie, Avocet: Riley and Rohan.

It started with entering the big school. We sat down and watched the students march to lunch as the band played. It was incredible, and a lot to do just to go to lunch! After we watched them march, we went to a small church and went to our numbered desk. There were so many people! The man asked us to do the Christ’s Hospital turn, which was to turn 90 degrees to the left. Then we got started. Riley and Rohan started with Broken Calculator, Alexander and Ollie started with Make 24. There were so many different challenges, including domino puzzles and tangrams.

Once we had completed all our questions, the man announced the results: Riley and Rohan, number 763 – 4th place, Alexander and Ollie, number 790 – 2nd place. We then had a meal in the cafeteria and went home!

By Riley, Alexander, Rohan and Ollie

Year 5 Maths Challenge
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