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Swiss Gardens Primary School

Welcome To Reception


Cygnets Class – Mrs Davies and Mrs Miller-Hudson


Ducklings Class – Mrs La Coste


Once Upon A Rhyme!

This half term our topic is Once Upon a Rhyme. We will start with the story Each Peach Pear Plum. From this we will learn the rhymes from the characters in the book and practise our story telling skills. We will be hosting our own Each Peach party and making our own treats to share with our families! Look out for letters in book bags with all the details!

We will be learning lots of different nursery rhymes and using these to inspire us across the curriculum! 

Take a look at our topic web to see what we will be covering in more detail and for suggestions of how you can support at home.  

bo eep
nursery rhyme characters


Reading is at the centre of all of our learning. Below are the key books that we will be sharing with the children. We will also be sharing a wide range of stories and non fiction books daily. If your child has a book they would like to share with us please do send it in to share! 

each peach
bon fire night book
dish and the spoon
hickory dickory dash
hickory dickory dog


We will be learning lots of different nursery rhymes. Here is a list of some of the rhymes we will learn together which you might like to sing together at home!

Counting songs- 5 little ducks

One two three four five once I caught a fish

5 currant buns

One two buckle my shoe

5 little moneys

Incy Wincy spider

Little Bo Peep

Hey Diddle Diddle

Jack and Jill

Tommy Thumb

Home Learning

-Daily shared reading. Re-read your matched book several times

-Practise the stage 1 song of sounds

-Practise reading and writing the sounds we have learnt

-Visit the library and explore the books together

-Talk to your child about festivals you celebrate as a family and what your own beliefs are

-Practise putting on own coat and zipping it up

-Playing rhyming games

-Sing nursery rhymes together- teach your child a song you remember from childhood

-Talk about time together and times of the day

- Festive crafts



Reading is one of the very best ways to support your child's learning across all areas! Just a little every day increases their vocabulary, enhances their understanding of the world and develops their comprehension. Children have now begun bringing home library books to share with you at home. Use these books to support your child with early reading skills.

How can you help?

- Choose a convenient time; for many children 5-10 minutes may be long enough

-Use pictures and characters to engage their attention

-Give plenty of praise!

-Stop if they are bored or become uninterested

Use your child's reading record to note down some comments

      You might consider-

-What they enjoyed/did not enjoy about the book and why

-Any comparisons they made to other stories or their own lives

-Comments about the events of the story

-Ideas for what could happen next

-Comments about what they notice from the pictures 

The most important thing is to enjoy reading together! 

classroom 2

Dough Disco

We have been using dough disco to help strengthen the muscles in our hands ready for writing!

You can see the moves we have learned below.

Why not make or buy some playdough and practice at home?

Try some of the videos on youtube!

Handwriting and Letter Formation

In the Autumn term our focus will be on building the muscles in our hands to help prepare us for writing. Children will be introduced to each of the letters when we learn then in our phonic sessions and we will model the correct formation. We encourage children to use the correct formation starting from the right place however, for most children at this stage they will be working on the letters in their names (using lower case). Correct formation helps children as they build fluency and will eventually support them in joining (intoduced in ks1).

curly catslong laddersone arm robotszig zag monsters

Song of Sounds formation ditties can be found here.

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