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Swiss Gardens Primary School

Physical education at Swiss Gardens

At Swiss Gardens, PE and Sport are a vital part of our curriculum. We believe that children benefit from an active lifestyle; so we ensure all of our pupils receive two hours of PE lessons every week.

Our cross-curricular approach to learning is also embedded in PE topics where it is possible. For example, in Year 5, there is a unit on Bollywood dancing for their India topic. An expert Bollywood dancer teaches the children a traditional routine to perform. In the Year 4 topic of Human Bodies, the children create their own circuit training, coming up with their own movements to keep fit. In Year 3, the children choreograph their own pirate dance, which fits into their topic. In Year 6, the children learn the Lindy-hop dance alongside their World War II topic.

We have established links with other sporting organisations, such as Albion in the Community and every year send teams to the Albion Cup at Lancing Football Club. We have also been invited to a number of events at the Amex stadium with groups of children, going on a tour of the stadium and taking part in activities relating English and Maths to football!



SJP_8992 (Custom)Early Years children exploring  movements and space around them 

SJP_9166 (Custom)

 Bollywood dance expert visiting Year 5 children.



P.E progression

In Early Years children build on the Physical by building good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space. (Physical)

Key stage 1, fundamental skills such as running, throwing, jumping and catching are taught explicitly. There is also an emphasis on balance and developing co-ordination.

Our Key stage 2 curriculum focuses more on learning the basic skills of certain sports: tag-rugby, football, hockey, netball, rounders, cricket and athletics. All of our PE lessons begin with a warm-up to increase heart rate and to keep muscles moving. We also teach skills through playing games wherever possible, in order to keep all children engaged and enjoying their PE lessons. 

out of school events

Every fortnight, selected children attend a competition or festival at Shoreham Academy, competing against the eight other Shoreham primary schools. The events include tag-rugby tournament, boys and girls football, netball festivals, swimming galas, rounders tournaments and athletics