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Building a School that Reads

For all children, whatever their ability, to be carefully supported in learning to read and to then develop confidence and a lifelong love of reading – ‘a pleasurable habit’. Thorough a rich variety of texts, fiction and non-fiction, modern and classic, children will experience engagement and delight.

Reading for pleasure is part of the everyday culture of Swiss Gardens School

We do this by:

  • Enthusiasm – your love of reading will inspire your class’s love of reading
  • Everone Reading In Class (ERIC) everyday in all year groups
  • Core Class Texts linked to topics and Story time every day
  • Daily differentiated Guided Reading sessions and follow up activities
  • Rigorous book matching for all pupils (book partners in UKS2 to check matching)
  • Reading Ladders in each classroom to encourage reading at home each night / home school reading diaries completed and Swiss Gardens Reading Medals for regular reading at the end of each half term
  • Books to provide challenge (The Magic Box of Books) for GDS / ARE children - to give a variety and breadth of genre, topics, classic and modern / poetry
  • Celebration of picture books in all year groups – updated regularly linked to West Sussex reviews eg. Henry’s Freedom Box / The Island / Shuan Tann etc
  • Books for children not yet fluent readers and SEN pupils to enhance confidence and success (KS1 and lower KS2 – fidelity to ‘Song of Sounds’)
  • All reading is good! Football annuals, magazines, comics, sports match reports, newspapers etc to enhance engagement for many different readers’ interests
  • Kindles –  children, particularly PP / SEN have access to Kindles for reading (now ipads and audiobooks for some SEN pupils)
  • INSET - ongoing training to ensure focus is on quality  individual and Guided Reading strategies and teaching
  • New books in KS1 have been extended to fit with the ‘Song of Sounds’ programme
  • ‘Book Nook’ areas in all classes
  • Children’s book recommendations / reviews to other class members

WRITING PROGRESSION MAP- CORE TEXTS Writing genre and progression


Please find some tips for reading with your child. Early Years and Key Stage One or Key Stage Two

useful websites to support learnng at home








Please find below policies to support teaching and learning for English ( Literacy) in school.

Meeting Authors

Year Five meet  J.J Arcanjo at Christ's Hospital School 

A group of Year 5 children went to meet the author J.J Arcanjo at Christ's hospital in Horsham during our school book week. It was snowy in Horsham and very cold, but it didn't stop us having fun. There is a beautiful theatre at the school, which is where JJ talked about his book and the writing process.

J.J talked about the characters and the plot , how he came up with the ideas for his book CROOK HAVEN- The School For Theives.  He shared new ideas and asked the audience to help him. He also explained how he came up with his characters, and developedthe plot. He explained that his characters are based on school friends, although he did say that none of his friends are thieves!!  He  answered lots  of our questions and it was a great opportuntiy to meet an author. 

He was very interesting and he talked about his love of reading as a child. His favourite books were Harry Potter, Diary of Adrian Mole and Lemmony Snickett. 

J.J signed books  for us and had his photo taken with us. It was a great trip and we can't wait to finish the book. 

He also said that a new book in the series will be out in July and  there might be a TV mini series of the first book!



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