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Phonics for reading

Nurturing a love of reading

At Swiss Gardens we believe phonics teaching is key to getting our children reading. From the moment that children enter the school they are immersed in print, both in their classroom environment and throughout the school. Children are encouraged to look at and share books and read all types of written text in their classroom.

Song of Sounds

At Swiss Gardens we use a structured phonics programme called Song of Sounds.  It incorporates a fun interactive song to teach the sounds children need to be able to read and write. It is fast paced to ensure all children are exposed to the sounds quickly but also ensures there is revision time for the children to embed their learning. 

Song fo sounds(1)

To see the sounds covered in Stage 1 (Reception), Stage 2 (Year 1) and Stage 3 (Year 2) clink on the links below. You can also visit your child's year group page on the website to access the song that accompanies each stage.

Stage 1 song.MOV

Stage 1 Song of Sounds

Stage 3 song.MOV

Stage 3 Song of Sounds

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Supporting the early reading journey

We believe learning to read early is an essential step for our children to be able to access the rest of our exciting curriculum. Our aim is for all children to read accurately and fluently. As parents your role in this is key. Please check out the following links as they will support you in supporting your child to learn and apply their phonics in their everyday reading and writing.

For further information about phonics and how you can support your child with phonics and early reading please spend some time reading these two documents.

There is also a Song of Sounds website with more information that parents may find useful. Use the link to find out more. Song of Sounds Parent Guide 

Stage 2 song.MOV

Stage 2 Song of Sounds




phonics for reading curriculum statement

For more detail about how we approach the teaching of phonics across the school and what lessons look like, please read our phonics statement.

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